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         «Dmitry Zhamkov came into the world in 1969, in a small town near Moscow. It was 24th day of the last autumn month. And despite the fact that trees had already thrown, their variegated apparel off, the sun shone brightly that morning – the day promised to be fine...»
         At present I’m living in Russia, in St. Petersburg. It’s wonderful to live in a museum or, as guests of our city say, «to live in significant site». Here I have a chance fully to exploit my opportunities, and surrounding history and beauty inspire to new creative achievements.
         My creative development was started quite a long time ago, already in 1977, when I obtained a fashionable for those times half-format camera named «Chajka 2», which allowed to get 72 frames with 18x24 mm format on ordinary 35 mm photographic film. My first pictures were taken with just this camera. Then it was a short pause in my fotohistory, during which I have received classical music and art education and invaluable experience in painting. Here comes digital age: design, polygraphy, web-design, PR and advertising professional practice. Old «Chajka» was with time change into modern Canon 5D, which is now always with me, wherever I am and whatever I do. Photography becomes a corporate part of my life.
lready when I was getting acquainted with photography, I was keen on landscape photography as well as many other people . But my love of portraiture, inculcated in the youth, prevailed, and now, after a lapse of many years, I can say with certainty, that most of all working with people attracts me, wherever shooting takes place - in nature's lap or in a photographic studio, revealing a mystery of photography. At present «my portfolio» contains photography of different genres: portrait, genre portrait, landscape, photography of children, of prospective mothers and other.
 ost of my pictures represent artistic combination of pure photo-  graphy technique and specialized tooling, used in fine arts, just  so I try to convey my unique vision of surrounding reality to the audience. Each my picture has its own emotional substance. And in the process of shooting I try to impart a positive charge to this substance and harmony to an image. Each time when thinking over a new picture I project image in my mind in such a way that I could express my vision of composition by means of it, and as a result to covey my perception of surrounding reality. In each my project I want to convey to the audi- ence along with beauty, seen through camera lens, a part of my love for light as well.

n the course of time my attitude toward the process of shoo- ting itself has been changed. A present I try not to take the camera out of a bag, until I’m sure that I’ll take a real picture. The more I take pictures, the more evident becomes my belief that it’s more expedient to spend time in preparing for shooting and to take one or two good pictures, than to shoot indiscriminately.

make no secret of my creative work, I’m always open to dialogue and willing to share my knowledge and experience with anyone, who shows interest. A need for self-actualization encouraged me to create resource, fundamental principles of which I would describe as follows:

         Firstly, we all are knit together by love of photography, desire and aspiration to get beautiful and high-quality pictures.

         Secondly, I often in a more advantageous position, than most of my audience, as I have store of art education, many-year experience in design and advertising and of course experience in shooting and picture processing.

         At present there are a lot of data (books, websites, etc), in which it’s difficult to be clued up even for experienced photographer, not to speak of beginners. Thereupon I would like to share the know- ledge that you need most intelligibly. It is thirdly.
o the fullest extend my aspirations are described in «A theory of human motivation» of A.H. Maslow, according to which people in their motivation guided by five types of need:

  1 – physiological needs (the lowest in hierarchy);
  2 – need for security;
  3 – need for affiliation with certain social group;
  4 – need for respect;
  5 – need for self-expression and self-actualization (the highest).

consider myself to be a highly motivated man. For a rather long period of time my needs for self-expression and self-actualization have been sublimated into ability to help other people: to increase their, rest upon higher hierarchy of their needs.

ccording to A.H. Maslow the need becomes a motivator only after the lower needs in needs hierarchy are satisfied.That’s why I help those people, who:

- has just started his way and has a wish to learn;
- is able to shoot, but is afraid to show his works to other people;
- has need for collective to rise himself to a next level of needs;
- has obtained recognition, but doesn’t know how to nail down the success;
- and many others…

o realize an interactive learning «Tutorials» section is arranged on the website. In this section I want to share some techniques and procedures, which are necessary both during preparing to shooting and at subsequent editing your pictures. They contain many pieces of advice and practical recommendations on processing and retouching of taken pictures. In the section fundamentals of different processes are considered, important postulates are defined and regularities are formulated, which are used subconsciously by many photographers, painters and designers in their creative work. Articles and reviews of this section can be useful both for beginners and professional photographers, and also for practicing critics, studying problems of methodical support, effective shooting and re- touching, photographs presentation and usage.

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