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Photography by Zhamkov is a tradition, energy of photographer in each picture, real style and expression of the master.

If you need a photographer, who will consider your project so, if it is a question of a painting in a picture-gallery, please, contact with me to discuss your needs.
Im working in genres portrait and landscape, in any style you like. Main specialization: business-portrait, womans and child`s portrait, portrait of prospective mothers, family portrait, historical portrait, glamour, and also genre portrait and landscape in classic and fantasy styles.
Being an adherent of traditional classic photography, based on aesthetics of antiquity and the Renaissance, I rest upon classical school of photography, painting and drawing in my creativity work. Its possible to make both classical picture scene and fantasy picture scene, determined and mounted in the process of retouching. My pictures never repeat each other either by form nor by content. In a majority they are individual, and you will never see a duplicate somewhere else.
 s in any self-respecting boutique we have no price-lists for works and services, no standard prices. Come to us, look round, choose what you like.  Together we will discuss specificity and nuances of shooting, define a scene of the picture, choose variants of entourage, costumes, if it is  necessary, come to an agreement with a sketch. Together we will create composition, transforming your wishes and your appearance into a work of art. That makes you to be art and part in creating project, makes audience to admire the results of our work and ultimately allows to determine a price of the picture.
Price determination to a great extent depends on necessity of subsequent processing of original picture: a slight correcting retouching will be applied or profound fancy changes will be made.

make a practice of individual price-formation policy for different clients. Thus inherently commercial project for large organization can cost 3000$, and the same time, spent for making photo of, for a example, a child, - 300$. In any case my priory is my client. Whoever they are, I always try to my best job for them, executing purposes in view and solving tasks of client, trying not to loose creative interpenetration and artistic performance of the picture.
Great experience, lack of serious mistakes and innumerable sleepless nights are the components of my success.

You can contact with me by means of feedback form, or by phone +7 911 2320840

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