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Dmitry Zhamkov
Member of Russian Photo Union
 ost of my pictures represent artistic combination of pure photography technique and specialized  tooling, used in fine arts, just so I try to convey my unique vision of surrounding reality to the  audience. Each my picture has its own emotional substance. And in the process of shooting I try to impart a positive charge to this substance and harmony to an image. Each time when thinking over a new picture I project image in my mind in such a way that I could express my vision of composition by means of it, and as a result to covey my perception of surrounding reality. In each my project I want to convey to the audience along with beauty, seen through camera lens, a part of my love for light as well.
To realize an interactive learning «Tutorials» section is arranged on the website. In this section I want to share some techniques and procedures, which are necessary both during preparing to shooting and at subsequent editing your pictures. They contain many pieces of advice and practical recommendations on processing and retouching of taken pictures. In the section fundamentals of different processes are considered, important postulates are defined and regularities are formulated, which are used subconsciously by many photographers, painters and designers in their creative work. Articles and reviews of this section can be useful both for beginners and professional photographers, and also for practicing critics, studying problems of methodical support, effective shooting and retouching, photographs presentation and usage
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